Visual map bookmarks manager

TakeMeThere is an easy to use map bookmarks manager that allows you to get directions to your usual locations with a single touch.

Store your frequent locations like your home or work in the application, and wherever you might be, find the route to any place as fast as touching its photo.

Take a picture where you just parked your car, to that new shop you must check later or any other spot that’s worth remembering. Then, use the Take Me There Action Extension right from any other application, and find your way back by just clicking that photo.

TakeMeThere works great as a shortcut to get your directions because it cuts the need to browse through app submenus or perform any search to find your destination. That makes it suitable for all ages, from kids to the elderly.


  • Universal app, for iPhone and iPad.
  • Create bookmarks for map directions by simply taking a picture or importing an existing photo.
  • System-wide action extension included. See any photo’s location right from another application (such as Photos app).
  • Easily adjust any bookmark location on the map.
  • Set the default navigation app of your choice.
  • Customize the appearance of your photo bookmarks.
  • Sort your bookmarks manually or automatically by distance or other criteria.
  • Automatically finds routes in walking mode for shorter distances.